01 Servicing

If you want a reliable car that never breaks down, then a periodic car servicing is the way to go. Come to ACM for reliable & economical car servicing today!

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02 Diagnostics

Got a feeling something is wrong with your drive? Not sure what it is? No problem. At ACM, our experienced mechanics will found the root of your troubles in no time!

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Who are we?

With strong customer base, ACM Motor Services is a familiar and well-established icon in Singapore’s automotive landscape.

Equipped with a team of dedicated craftsmen and experienced consultants, ACM is professional in the business of accident repairs, motor insurance claims, workshop services.

ACM's holistic approach towards customer service, staff training and overall excellence has been recognized by customers.

The emphasis on excellence is in line with ACM's philosophy of providing clients with the assurance and confidence that all repair, servicing and maintenance jobs get done quickly and with good quality.

03 Body Repair

Hit a car fault? Need a fix? We offer professional repair services at ethical and reasonable market prices. We will make sure your car is back like new!

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04 Accident Claim

Don't worry, it's an accident. No one wished for it. Contact us for a quick consultation and we will solve your problem in the most efficient and economical method.

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Our Services

- Car Servicing with Warranty Included

- Claims and Car Insurance

​- All Types of Automotive Repair
i.e. Brake, Mufflers, Exhaust Systems, Steering, Suspensions, Alignments & etc

- Tires or Oil Changes

​- Automotive Painting

- Bodywork and Accessories