01. Car Servicing

The general recommended service interval for most cars is 10,000kms. However, if you do not use your car frequently, then you should service your car based on a time interval of 6 months.

If servicing is neglected or the vehicle left idle for long periods, oil can actually thicken into sludge. This sludge may clog the engine's lubricating system thus eventually leading to engine failure. Thus it is important to regularly service your car with quality lubricants, based on time or distance, whichever comes first. Adhering to recommended service schedules also ensures your brake system, tyres, driveline and steering components are inspected regularly for correct operation and wear.

If you want a reliable car that never breaks down, then a periodic car servicing is the way to go. Come to ACM for reliable & economical car servicing today!

02. Diagnostics

Our full set of latest diagnostic equipment allows us to troubleshoot most Asian and Continental makes with higher accuracy. However, equipment is not all of it. Experience counts too. Each of our team members has over 10 years experience in this field on the average.

From our experience, there is always the easy way of fixing any mechanical fault. And that is to simply recommend a change of parts. However, we all know it is not economical to do so. At ACM, we not only want solve your car problems, but to also give you the most informative options so you can make your informed decisions.



03. Body Repair

With the growth in technology, so does the world of automotive evolve. Cars nowadays require more than just equipment and knowledge. It requires understanding.

Any trainee mechanic can replace a part, but it takes a real professional to make your car healthy again. The advanced and complicated wirings, interconnectivity, mechanical motions all affect the health of the car. When repairing a singular area, the mechanic must take into consideration all aspects of how other areas of the vehicle will be affected.

Our experienced team can do just that. We pride ourselves over our expertise in cars but not limited to further improvement. We constantly upgrade our skills and knowledge so we can constantly provide the best services to our customers.

04. Accident Claim

Yes, we do that too. However, we are more interested in helping you resolve your concerns and burdens that comes together with the unfortunate accident.

Our fantastic connections to our suppliers allow us to achieve the dictated cost by the insurance companies on most occasions. Greatly reducing your wait time and chances to be pushed about to different workshops.

Don't worry, it's an accident. No one wished for it. Contact us for a quick consultation and we will solve your problem in the most efficient and economical method.